Join It. Create It. Own It.

Ginx created a fun new way to be visually social with larger communities of individuals around shared hash-tagged ideas and conversations, while giving users the ability to be voted 'Star" of an image-based virtual 'flash-mob!

Ginx: Join It. Create It. Own It.

About Ginx

Users have the ability to join, vote and/or create a photo-based virtual 'flashmob' created around hash-tagged ideas or initiatives (ex: *#SundayFundaySelfie). Users of the app then vote on images submitted around the Ginx initiative to crown an individual "Star" of the TAG for a moment in time.

So whether you have a funny thought or idea (ex: *#BestVegasGroupPose) or an important branded initiative (ex: *#BostonMarathonFinisher), Ginx allows you the ability to join it, create it or own it by being voted “Star” of that TAG!

How It Works

After a user browses their feed for Ginx'd tags that interest them:

1. They can click on a (*#) to join by uploading a photo relevant to the TAG title,

2. They can click on a (*#) to vote on images or simply browse,

3. Or they can create a (*#) around an idea, initiative or event.

Brand's can also create a Sponsored Ginx and reward the "Star."